Salacious Magazine“Nothing is sexier than an intelligent hard-on.” So says KD Diamond, editor of Salacious, an independent magazine devoted to queer feminist sex art and literature.  

With its offering of erotica, poems, photographs, and comics (Diamond is a comic artist and illustrator), the magazine “aims to meld pornography with high art.”  

Diamond and friends have put out two issues so far and the editors at PDR are big fans. That’s why we’re re-posting her call for support to print their third issue:

“Salacious #1 sold out within about 6 weeks of being printed. It was amazing! We did a print run of 550, and it went like hotcakes. It’s already become an amazing commodity.

We decided to take a risk, and we doubled the print run of #2. We have a much better printer, and so the cost was basically the same for doubling our print run. We’ve already sold approximately 500 issues of #2, so we’re at the same place we were with #1, which is wonderful!

The unfortunate difference is that, with #1, we had start-up funds, all of which went into printing promotional materials and helping with printer costs. Issue #2 has had nothing but capital from magazines, which, to be transparent, isn’t enough. We currently owe our new printer another $2700, and we don’t know where that money is going to come from. 

For everyone that donates $10.00 in the next week, you will get a COMPLETELY ORIGINAL illustration from me. It’ll be a little bit like Illustration Roullette in that you will not know what you’ll be getting, but it will be hand-drawn and signed by yours truly. 

You can donate here:

Or if you have a PayPal, you can wire money to

I know this is asking a lot. Many of us, myself included, don’t have a lot of spare change right now. I’m aware that start-ups are rough for the first 3-5 years, and I’m willing to stare bold-facedly into that roughness and totally rock the hell out of this magazine. We are filling a void and supplying a new voice to the queer sex media, and I feel strongly about continuing this work. But I don’t feel right asking my printer to go ahead with printing #3–nor do I think he’d let me!–without finishing our payments for #2.

You are all amazing.

Thank you.

- kd diamond”