Buttons & Broadsides!

PDR ButtonsWe’ve been hard at work making goodies to give away at our release party this Monday. We even got our hands on a button-maker this weekend and pressed about a hundred pinbacks; there are nine kinds–collect ‘em all!

PDR is non-commercial and committed to delivering our content and sharing our swag free of charge. There are costs to keeping the magazine going, though, so we’ve added a “donate” button to the site.  We hope you’ll have a look at our campaign at indiegogo.com and see if you’ve got any change between the proverbial couch cushions.

Join us for the party on Monday night at Middlesex Lounge and you’ll also hear readings by Laura CherryChristine Gentry, Chris Hall, Norah Piehl, and Kate Racculia. Stick around for music by the activist street band, Factory Seconds, and leave with a free shirt, broadside, or button. See you there!