Bearing Witness

April 7, 2013

At Buck Key, Chris Way

We’re excited to be featuring paintings by Chris Way in the Spring 2013 Issue of PDR.

Chris Way is a self-taught artist whose work in chalk and pastels seeks to join the straightforwardly autobiographical with the alien and unseen. He says of his work:

I paint to bear witness to what has happened — and is happening — around me and in me.  Whether that’s the rich, wild abundance of the sensual world or a passage of epiphany or spiritual struggle in my life. But the bearing witness is always quickened by the unseen forces beyond logic and reason that thread through all we do and feel, and that bind us all. My aim is to translate all this to form, color, texture, rhythm, and above all: presence.

Chris Way was born in Florida in 1977. He received his BA from the University of Florida in 1999. He works and makes various things (paintings, poetry, music) in New York City, where he lives with his partner Michelle and their daughter Cyrni.